What is the difference between Graphlab and PowerGraph?

User 1803 | 4/24/2015, 4:19:24 AM

Hi, I am new here. I got a little bit confused about the relation between Graphlab (the machine learning framework) the the PowerGraph on Github. Is PowerGraph a branch of Graphlab? Thank you~


User 1592 | 4/24/2015, 6:37:52 AM


PowerGraph is our older code base which contains distributed machine learning code.

We have recently switched to GraphLab Create which is a python based library for predictive analytics. We have functionality for data slicing and dicing, advanced machine learning modeling, predictive services to serve the models in real time and also a distributed component. GraphLab Create engine was released as an open source project in Github called Dato Core. You can read more on dato.com

User 1803 | 4/28/2015, 6:31:32 PM

May I think it as: Powergraph is the renaming of the latest verion of the original Graphlab (the one developed from 2009). Graphlab Create is the newest Graphlab which is maintained now?

Thank you!