additional information in create method

User 875 | 4/20/2015, 7:26:22 PM

Hi all,

what is exact difference between additional features (all other columns excepted userid, itemid and target in input SFrame by create() method) and (user/item) side information (handoff by parameters user/item_data in create() method)? I can add side information like a new column to the existing SFrame and use it as additional infromation, but I can also split my existing SFrame in two parts to use some column like side information.


User 91 | 4/21/2015, 7:26:58 AM

The additional features are rating specific features while the user, item side features are features that correspond to a specific user or item.

For example, in a movie recommender:

An item feature - Movie genre (Action Movie) User feature - Gender (Male) Rating feature - Time of day rated (9PM)

Both the implicit/explicit recommenders are built to handle all three types of features.

User 875 | 4/21/2015, 7:30:10 AM

thank you for your support