Licence - dumb question

User 54 | 4/20/2015, 6:10:39 PM

I will do a dumb question, sorry for that.

I'm planning to build a recommender system for R packages. I will build it with Python/Django and i am considering PredictionIO and Graphlab Create to the recommender server. I am inclined to use graphlab, so that i can use just python (know nothing of Scala...) but i have a doubt:

  • if i put some advertising, even if the site has not profit, can i use the open source version of graphlab, or i will have to get a commercial license?

I'm asking this cause maybe i will have to have some way to keep the site online.


User 1129 | 4/21/2015, 6:34:00 AM

I'm not a Dato representative.

The opensource version is free to use for all, as long as you comply with the license and

AFAIK, the open sourse version is only available as a source and you'll have to compile it by yourself.

In addition to the opensourse version, there is a "closed" (enhanced) version -- this is what you get when you download from . This version is free for non-profit projects. Whether or not your project meets the non-profit definition is up to Dato to decide.

User 1394 | 4/21/2015, 10:58:02 PM

Hey FlavioBarros -

Thanks for reaching out. Can you follow up in email with me ( so I can understand your use base better?

I am not sure from the description above if this use case is for commercial purposes or not.