GraphLab version for Benchmarking

User 170 | 3/24/2014, 6:14:38 PM

I'm looking to compare GraphLab's performance with some other graph processing systems. Should I use the trunk version or the v2.2 release? Aside from bug fixes, are there substantial feature/performance changes between the two? Is trunk considered "stable" or does it introduce/have known performance bugs? Thanks!


User 6 | 3/24/2014, 6:41:11 PM

Hi Young, The latest github should be pretty stable.

Regarding benchmarks, I suggest to start viewing the following resource:

I recommend taking a look at the following previous benchmarks (this is a short list, there are probably many others) 1) Recent academic paper which benchmarks GraphLab vs. Mahout:

2) SC 13 paper which compares GraphLab performance to Giraph:

3) GraphLab vs. Picollo vs. Spark:

4) GraphLab vs. Spark