Dato Core - rpc is not completed?

User 1707 | 4/10/2015, 4:04:34 AM

Hi all,

After trying with old Graphlab open source here, I switch to new Dato Core source code. I tried to compile the old PageRank algorithm against Data Core source, but it seems it lacks of some important rpc, fiber files / methods.

Do you have any plan to complete this?

Thanks so much, Lan Phan.


User 1190 | 4/10/2015, 7:17:27 AM


Dato Core and PowerGraph are two separate code bases. What's in the PowerGraph may not necessarily be in the Dato Core. Dato Core is the opensource of core components in GraphLab Create, with SFrame, SGraph, Python language binding and a graph analytics toolkit. Compile old Powergraph algorithm with Dato Core source in general is not going to work at the moment.

Thanks -jay

User 1707 | 4/10/2015, 8:14:03 AM

Hi @"Jay Gu"

Thanks for your response. I know that Dato Core and PowerGraph are different (for ex, PowerGraph has DHT but Dato Core uses Zookeeper), but I think rpc and fiber are core components and must be available in both?

Regards, Lan Phan.

User 1190 | 4/10/2015, 8:08:34 PM

RPC and Fiber are available in Dato Core. However, since Dato Core / GraphLab Create has been focus on single machine out-of-core computation, these libraries are not "used" at the current moment. We did not spend time making sure they compile.

User 1707 | 4/13/2015, 2:32:40 AM

Hi @"Jay Gu"

Thanks so much for your explanation, it makes sense now. Hope that these libraries will be available soon in Dato Core.

Cheers, Lan Phan.