How to assign the gpu id?

User 1726 | 4/7/2015, 9:23:35 AM

Right now i am using the deeplearning toolkit to train a neural network. The machine i use has two separate gpu,i.e. gpu 0, gpu 1. I found that the graphlab.neuralnet_classifier.create() only used the gpu 0. My question is can i assign the gpu id so that i can train two different models on two different gpu synchronously?


User 1190 | 4/7/2015, 5:22:04 PM

Not yet. But we will make it available in the coming release.

User 2144 | 8/19/2015, 6:29:09 PM

Is there a way to do this in 1.5.2 Graphlab Create ? I have 6 cards and want to avoid 0 and 1 gpu where there is something else running.