Tutorial/Documentation for Dato Core

User 1495 | 3/13/2015, 2:31:28 PM

Hi all, I wanna evaluate if Dato Core could help me. As I took a look at the website I havn't found some tutorial or docs. Can somebody point me to some info?

Thanks Goran


User 1319 | 3/13/2015, 4:45:26 PM

User Guide https://dato.com/learn/userguide/index.html?hstc=8457130.384b3e2e00b6daf639a8bff16d02d353.1425124107515.1425124107515.1426264738465.2&hssc=8457130.2.1426264738465&__hsfp=1259446721

Gallery (ipython notebooks): https://dato.com/learn/gallery/index.html?hstc=8457130.384b3e2e00b6daf639a8bff16d02d353.1425124107515.1425124107515.1426264738465.2&hssc=8457130.24.1426264738465&__hsfp=1259446721

API https://dato.com/products/create/docs/

How-to https://dato.com/learn/how-to/index.html


User 18 | 3/13/2015, 10:10:15 PM

Dato Core lives on github. The <a href="https://github.com/dato-code/Dato-Core">README</a> contains information for how to compile it. To understand the API from the user's perspective, you can refer to the GraphLab Create docs that @tabdunab pointed to above. Feel free to follow up if you have specific questions that these don't address.