Error compiling graph_analytics tunkrank

User 1396 | 3/7/2015, 2:02:33 AM


I am trying to compile graphanalytics with the info given in this website (<a href=""></a>). I am able to configure GraphLab, however when I try to compile tunkrank in graphanalytics, I receive the following error:

~/Tools/graph-release/toolkits/graphanalytics$ make tunkrank g++ tunkrank.cpp -o tunkrank In file included from tunkrank.cpp:29:0: /home/iakgun/Tools/graph-release/src/graphlab.hpp:31:47: fatal error: graphlab/engine/engineincludes.hpp: No such file or directory #include <graphlab/engine/engine_includes.hpp> ^ compilation terminated. make: *** [tunkrank] Error 1

Any help is appreciated.


User 6 | 3/7/2015, 5:08:22 PM

Hi The PowerGraph branch you are compiling is not the "official" branch but a clone contributed by EPFL. We have no control over this code and unfortunately unable to support it.

Furthermore, we are soon going to deprecate PowerGraph code. We recommend switching to our newer code base: which includes an open source graph analytics toolkit.

We will be happy to hear in more detail about your use case and help you utilize our newest code.

User 1396 | 3/9/2015, 4:49:24 PM

Hi Danny,

Thank you for helping out. I have downloaded and configured the latest version of Dato-Core code, however I can't find tunkrank. Do you support tunkrank in this final version?

Thank you.

User 6 | 3/9/2015, 5:56:03 PM

Hi, We do not have tunkrank algorithm implemented. We would love a code contribution from you in case you like to implement it on top of our open source. It should be a couple of lines of code, see description here:

By the way, if you like to implement it in python, you can use the following base code: