Communication failure 65 strikes again

User 1129 | 3/5/2015, 1:48:36 PM


today the mysterious "Communication failure 65" has hit again. And again, it was after I imported ggplot into a notebook that worked. I had to remove the ggplot import and restart the kernel. I can't reproduce the bug using a toy problem, though


User 1435 | 3/9/2015, 10:46:56 PM

Just came across this error for the first time when trying to read/write SFrames from/to HDFS.

Immediately, a pop-up for installing an older Java Runtime (version 6) came up and I got: (1) the Communication 65 error; (2) a stack trace; (3) the message "Unable to reach server for 3 consecutive pings. Server is considered dead. Please exit and restart."; and (4) a backtrace.0 file written to my current directory.

Let me know if you'd like more information. Would be great to read/write to hdfs.