Graphlab Create 30 Day Free Trial

User 761 | 2/18/2015, 3:48:57 PM

Hello! I just saw that Graphlab Create costs 4000$ per machine per year. And the download page says "Start your free 30 day trial" Does that mean after 30 days Graphlab will be disabled on my system?


User 21 | 2/20/2015, 6:22:00 PM

Hi there. After 30 days, you will have two choices to continuing to use GraphLab Create:
- If your work is personal or academic, you can transition to our non-commercial license, and continue to use GraphLab Create for free. - If your work is commercial, we hope you will find GraphLab Create useful and will transition to a paid license.

Please <a href="">contact us</a> and we can discuss options in more detail.

More details about our licensing can be found here: <a href=""></a>


User 761 | 2/23/2015, 5:48:13 PM

Thanks for clarifying that!

User 1953 | 6/16/2015, 4:17:18 PM

how can i get non-commercial licence ?? @guestrin plz tell me

User 1592 | 6/17/2015, 12:30:28 PM

Please email for getting a non commercial license.