Upcoming features : Streaming Update

User 761 | 2/11/2015, 8:45:02 AM

Hey! The following URL states that "Streaming Updates" is coming soon. https://dato.com/products/create/features.html What exactly do you mean by Streaming Updates? Thanks :)


User 91 | 2/13/2015, 4:29:07 AM

We would like to hear your use case for streaming. If you are interested in serving models in live services, then we do have GraphLab predictive services.

User 761 | 2/13/2015, 5:35:01 AM

No I was merely wondering what you guys meant by "Streaming Updates" on the webpage. Is it more like Streaming Linear Regression or Streaming K-means clustering (recently added to Spark 1.2) or does it imply the ability to update an SGraph in a streaming fashion or something else entirely...