formulating a problem in graph.

User 52 | 1/12/2015, 11:32:43 AM

I have formulated a solution to a problem using graphs . Can i do this in graphlab create? As i have multiple nodes in the cluster , can I process different subgraphs on different nodes and share the results with other nodes after the iteration.

Shall i write code in powergraph?


User 1189 | 1/13/2015, 4:34:35 PM

To do distributed, you will need PowerGraph at the moment. That said, if you can indeed cut your problem up into completely independent sub graphs, the most simple form of parallelism of "same program, one subgraph per machine" will work amazingly well.

Also, how large is your graph? GraphLab Create can handle pretty large graphs (100M-1B vertices/edges) on a single machine easily.