Graphlab 1.2.1 GPU Installer is getting a 404 error

User 794 | 1/10/2015, 5:44:27 PM

Hey devs and fellow users,

I'm currently trying to evaluate the GPU performance of graphlab for deeplearning, but am unable to install the GPU Acceleration package described here:

Whenever I try to download the file I get a 404 Not Found error.

Is it possible to install graphlab with gpu acceleration with an alternate method?

Thank you


User 1182 | 1/10/2015, 7:00:06 PM works for me.

User 794 | 1/10/2015, 7:11:13 PM

Thank you ziyuang!

I guess the file doesn't exist yet.

User 9 | 1/11/2015, 3:49:52 PM

@MiroslawH‌ Thanks so much for letting us know about the 404. works now. Please post again if you have any other issues.