For graphlab create,will only python stuff be open sourced and c++ engine will be source closed?

User 1170 | 1/8/2015, 3:38:48 AM

Hello, I have read this noticed these:

"Please note that Graphlab Create has algorithms that can not be easily implemented in PowerGraph, " Question 1:does this mean create's c++ engine is different from powergraph?or a more updated or bug-free version of powergraph?

"We are planning to release GraphLab Create engine as open source towards the end of the year" Question 2:does this mean the c++ engine of graphlab create will be open sourced also?

And I have downloaded graphlab create 1.2.1 from,but only and all python stuff Question 3:where is c++ engine code?Did I missed or misunderstand something?

Some c++ stuff can be found here: Question 4:it isn't c++ engine,but a "wrapper",am I right?


User 6 | 1/8/2015, 1:53:07 PM

Hi Ander, 1) GraphLab Creates c++ engine is completely new and is not backward compatible with PowerGraph. There are two main differences: PowerGraph supports only graph while Graphlab Create supports also text, images and dense data. Second, Graphlab Create has out of core execution namely it does not need to read the problem fully into memory, but can stream it from disk. 2) Yes. GraphLab Create engine will be open sourced. 3) The code was not release yet, it will be release Q1 2015. 4) The SDK is a way of implementing your own algorithms on top of Graphlab Create's engine. The engine was not release yet.

User 1170 | 1/9/2015, 12:41:19 AM