Sharing code on this forum is a nightmare

User 1129 | 1/6/2015, 1:09:56 PM

Please make code sharing on this forum easier and obvious.


User 954 | 1/6/2015, 7:49:48 PM

Hi, thank you for the feedback. Have you tried the following syntax block?

&lt;pre class='CodeBlock'&gt;&lt;code&gt;your code &lt;/code&gt;&lt;/pre&gt; <pre class="CodeBlock"><code> your code: int a = 1 </code></pre>

User 1129 | 1/6/2015, 8:30:41 PM

I used drop down menu to select "Code" which gives "<code class="CodeInline"> <code class="CodeInline"></code> </code>

The syntax that you suggest isn't documented anywhere (at least I couldn't find it). There is a documentation link that says "You can use Simple Html in your post, but that doc says nothing about code.

So as I said: it would be very nice if sharing the code was easier and more obvious. Markdown is now ubiquitously used and very simple format.

User 954 | 1/6/2015, 8:32:58 PM

Yes unfortunately that does not produce a nice result. &lt;pre class='CodeBlock'&gt;&lt;code&gt;your code &lt;/code&gt;&lt;/pre&gt; is a much better option.

User 954 | 1/7/2015, 7:50:37 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. Markdown is simple and it is widely used on other places. We are considering this option.