How to install GraphLab Create™ GPU version and use gpu acceleration properly?

User 1158 | 1/5/2015, 5:34:00 PM

I install graphlab-create-1.2.1.gpu.tar.gz followed by, and installed cuda-toolkit before.. But, when I use deeplearning, "Creating neuralnet using device = cpu" is not changed into 'gpu', Is there any configs I missed during installation?


User 940 | 1/5/2015, 6:36:38 PM


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Could you provide more system details? Which GPU do you have? Which operating system? Which CUDA driver version?

Cheers, Piotr

User 1158 | 1/5/2015, 6:42:12 PM

@piotr‌ My gpu is Geforce GT650M, Mac OS 10.9.5 , CUDA Driver Version: 6.5.33.

User 1158 | 1/5/2015, 6:48:00 PM

@piotr also I used option 'device=gpu' in 'graphlab.neuralnet_classifier.create', but 'PROGRESS: Creating neuralnet using device = cpu'

User 940 | 1/5/2015, 8:11:36 PM


Unfortunately, we do not currently OS X for our GPU functionality, but plan to in the future.

Sorry about the inconvenience, and we'll keep you posted on our progress.

Cheers! -Piotr

User 1549 | 3/16/2015, 11:25:06 AM

Hi, just want to confirm does this warning mean I fail to start GPU, so I have to use CPU. : "PROGRESS: Warning: cuda 6.5 requires minimum driver version 340, please try updating your Nvidia driver. PROGRESS: Creating neuralnet using device = cpu" My computs = ubuntu 12.10 cuda 6.0, driver=331, I don't even have 6.5 installed.

Oh, I found that it is only support cuda6.5/driver >=340 for GraphLab 1.3 GPU

Is there GraphLab support cuda 6.0 /drver 331?

User 940 | 3/18/2015, 6:20:21 AM

Hi @lol,

Unfortunately there is no support for Cuda 6.0. Is it possible to upgrade your driver from the NVidia website?

Cheers! -Piotr

User 607 | 3/18/2015, 9:41:14 AM

Dear Piotr, how is the support for CUDA 6.5 on imac? We have been able to run CXXNET on gpu in version 1.0 on our machine. Was wondering what kind of support is provided for 1.3.0.gpu version for Graphlab.Create.
Thanks. Dr Patrick

User 940 | 3/18/2015, 4:22:02 PM

Hi @pchankh,

Unfortunately, we currently do not support a GPU version for iMacs. One workaround could be starting up an EC2 instance and working from there.

I'll take this as a feature request, and when we do support gpu on macs I'll be sure to let you know.

Cheers! -Piotr

User 318 | 3/22/2015, 3:29:36 AM

I read that " GPU acceleration can significantly increase performance when using the Neural Network Classifier ".

And I want to know how much GPU acceleration can increase performance for other algorithms, like recommendations, GBRT?

User 2591 | 12/17/2015, 3:27:13 AM

Hi Datoians

What's the latest on GPU support for the Mac? I have a feeling that is still not yet available on GC1.7, but I thought it's worth asking.

Could you post an update?

Thanks, SH

User 9 | 12/21/2015, 1:11:32 AM

GraphLab Create with GPU Acceleration is only supported on Linux at this time (v1.7.1). We plan to support GPU acceleration on more platforms in the near future.