how to install graphlab on a centos machine without python 2.7.6 or higher?

User 690 | 1/1/2015, 12:24:43 PM

Hi Everybody, I have a centos machine on which the default version of python is 2.6.6 and I had to go through a lot of iterations to get the installation right. So, I would just like to document the process here.

sudo yum install bzip2 bzip2-devel readline readline-devel python-virtualenv

bzip2-devel is necessary since graphlab needs bz2 module which will not be built if bzip2-devel is not present

readline-devel is necessary to ensure a sane ipython repl experience.

wget tar xvf Python-2.7.8.tgz cd Python-2.7.8 mkdir -p ~/python-2.7.8-install

The following step is the one that I had trouble figuring out the right set of configuration options .. hopefully the effort does not have to be

duplicated by somebody..

./configure --prefix=~/python-2.7.8-install/ --enable-shared --enable-unicode=ucs4 make install export LDLIBRARYPATH=~/python-2.7.8-install/lib/ virtualenv -p ~/python-2.7.8-install/bin/python2.7 graphlab

install the graphlab license using the command provided on clicking the getting-started button in your email.

pip install graphlab-create==1.2.1

This should setup your graphlab. Thanks, Sunil.


User 690 | 1/1/2015, 12:29:02 PM

after virtualenv -p ~/python-2.7.8-install/bin/python2.7 graphlab

one has to do this source ~/graphlab/bin/activate

then pip install graphlab-create==1.2.1