Graphlab Vowpal wabbit toolkit

User 1134 | 12/30/2014, 1:12:40 PM


Which version of Vowpal wabbit is supported in graphlab? It seems that not all the algorithms from VW are available in graphlab, eg. FTRL is not supported ( Any chance of having VW 7.8 in graphlab in the near future?


User 19 | 12/30/2014, 5:48:08 PM

Hi Paul,

We do not yet support VW 7.8, but we will be considering it in future versions. What other features are you looking for, besides FTRL?

Thanks, Chris

User 2281 | 10/5/2015, 3:29:39 AM

Is Vowpal wabbit supported in graphlab 1.6.1?

User 940 | 10/6/2015, 12:38:27 AM

Hi @"Al Rahimi" ,

Unfortunately, we no longer support vowpal wabbit, we found that almost nobody used it. What functionality would you like to see? We're always looking for feedback.

Cheers! -Piotr

User 2281 | 10/17/2015, 8:10:55 PM

Hi piotr, I like the online learning capabilities of VW and it's speed: allreduce,interactive learning etc. I suppose some of these are covered by GL Sometimes when I use boosted tree classifier it just hangs with memory allocation error . I expected it to fail gracefully! thanks Al