Graphlab and Lua

User 690 | 12/30/2014, 3:34:43 AM

Hi Everybody, I find that there are some lua files in the python-graphlab installation. Does it mean that Graphlab has a lua wrapper but not documented/exposed for general consumption? Is Lua support a planned feature in development? Thanks, Sunil.


User 940 | 12/30/2014, 6:50:44 PM

Hi Sunil,

Good eye! At one point, GraphLab was experimenting with Lua lambda's for SFrame.apply() and SArray.apply(). This functionality is no longer being supported, but there are some vestigial elements, which you see in the installation.

A Lua wrapper is not currently planned, but we always take feature requests. Is this something that would be useful to you?


User 690 | 12/31/2014, 3:18:38 AM

Hi Piotr, While I have not see any performance bottlenecks right now with the python-api, but might be a concern when we want to extend the libraries in a small way to fit our need. and more importantly lua support would be very usefull to us since all our serving code in production is in lua. But currently we are only pushing predicted values in batch to the server and not predicting while serving.. Thanks, Sunil.