Loopy belief propagation in python GraphLab?

User 1043 | 12/9/2014, 9:53:38 PM

I wonder whether LBP function in in python GraphLab package? If so, can someone tell me the function name? I didn't find it.

thanks, Rui


User 1043 | 12/10/2014, 12:46:22 AM

anyone knows the answer? I am urgent with the task. Really wish to get help! thanks!

User 1043 | 12/11/2014, 1:01:15 AM

I want to use it to do graph based classification, to compute the marginal probability of nodes. There is a urgent business use case for it.


User 1768 | 12/11/2015, 4:06:22 PM

Hi, I also need this package, if you have it now. I want to use for classification of nodes based on their attribute values and to obtain the marginal probability of nodes similar to Luoruicd. I will be appreciated if you guide me.

User 1592 | 12/11/2015, 4:14:26 PM

Hi Naoomi We do have now an experimental version you can try out. please email Alon@dato.com if you are interested in the instructions.

User 1768 | 12/14/2015, 10:03:58 AM

Hi Danny Thanks for your answer. I will contact him.