S3 access using SSL

User 413 | 12/3/2014, 11:41:29 PM

I am trying to read from an S3 bucket that has a policy requiring SSL access. How do I configure the system so that SFrame.read_csv connects with SSL. Would I use s3:// or https:// URI? I can read if the bucket is not configured to require SSL, using the s3:// form of the URI.

The discussion at http://forum.graphlab.com/discussion/57/graphlab-create-beta-known-issues gives me hope that read_csv knows how to connect with s3 over SSL.


User 398 | 12/4/2014, 12:37:36 AM

Hello, and thanks for your question. Using the s3-prefixed path always uses an SSL connection. With the URI in that form, you can additionally specify the AWS credentials directly as part of the path (as an alternative to setting them as variables in your shell environment), like so:


Can you explain how it is that you've configured your bucket policy to require SSL access? Are you trying to download to a local machine, or to an EC2 instance? If the latter, can you tell me more about the instance that you're using (instance type, AMI type, OS, etc)?