stack_overflow dataset is not available

User 1008 | 11/30/2014, 11:14:40 AM

In the user guide there is an exercise part (<a href=""></a>) and there is a reference to a stack_overflow data set. This data set seems to be unavailable. May you put back the data set / change the questions so new users can complete the exercises.


User 1008 | 11/30/2014, 11:23:32 AM

Sorry, I now see that it is available only via the SFrame but not directly by URL (with a wget command).

User 6 | 11/30/2014, 1:05:33 PM

The following code

<pre class="CodeBlock"><code># Downloads the data from S3 if you haven't already. import os if os.path.exists('stackoverflow'): sf = graphlab.SFrame('stackoverflow') else: sf = graphlab.SFrame('')'stackoverflow')</code></pre>

should download the dataset to your machine. Let us know if it does not work for you.