User Guide's local deployment example getting error

User 10 | 11/5/2014, 11:36:16 PM

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Using GraphLab V1.0.1, I'm following the User Guide's local deployment example at:

After the job is finished, check execution.log and see this error in there: <pre class="CodeBlock"><code>... [INFO] Task completed: train [INFO] Task started: recommend [ERROR] Exception raised from task: 'recommend' code: 'model' Exception: ("Unable to complete task successfully, Exception raised, trace: Traceback (most recent call last):\nKeyError: 'model'\n", KeyError('model',)) [INFO] Stopping the server connection. [INFO] GraphLab server shutdown</code></pre>


User 10 | 11/5/2014, 11:39:27 PM

Thanks for trying out GraphLab Data Pipelines!

Did you run the entire example? Can you share the graphlab.deploy.job.create() line that was executed? What were the tasks run in that line?

We have a Notebook in the Gallery that might be easier to follow for GraphLab Data Pipelines, check it out here:

User 913 | 11/6/2014, 12:23:08 AM

OK, I will try following the notebook, but may be the User Guide is outdated? Also, did you see my other GitHub ticket about AWS pipeline not working? Is there a notebook for AWS that we can follow?