How do the EC2 hours work?

User 873 | 10/21/2014, 1:53:59 PM

GLC Develop comes with 30 hours / month of EC2. What does that mean?

  1. Do I need to install on EC2 or has GraphLab already installed?
  2. Does 30 hours / month mean only 3 hours / month if I use 10 EC2 servers? Or is this 30 hours / month of some monster cluster that GraphLab has set up?
  3. Is usage measured by Amazon --- rounding up 5 minutes of usage today to a whole hour? Or is usage measured by GraphLab, perhaps counting my 5 minutes of usage today, 20 minutes tomorrow, and 30 minutes the day after as a single hour of usage?



User 46 | 10/22/2014, 7:19:55 AM

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the questions!

30 hours/month of GLC is free on EC2 for on-demand production work (e.g. 1hr batch job/day launched through the deploy module or some time to test out predictive services). You of course get unlimited time to do your development, wherever is most convenient.

  1. Nope, you can run GLC Develop wherever you like, whether on your laptop, local server, or remote machine in EC2.
  2. 30 hours/month is the total free time, regardless of how many machines you run, after this, you pay the on-demand pricing, per machine. Again, this is only for production work.
  3. Usage is measured by Amazon. In the future, we'll likely monitor ourselves, but for now Amazon is doing some of that for us.

I hope this answers all your questions.

We're more than happy to follow-up personally on any of this. Just shoot a note to