Is there still a free version of GraphLab Create??

User 860 | 10/17/2014, 7:37:41 AM

Dear Community!

I do not quite understand what the latest changes mean.

Is the free version still free? It says I would have to pay for AWS services. How so? (The included 30h (without AWS!) should be enough for me to get started.)

And anyway.. what processing is done in the cloud? Is what I installed on my system just a client to some cloud service?

Many thanks


User 46 | 10/17/2014, 3:51:49 PM

Hi there! Thanks for asking.

The free version is still indeed free.

<b class="Bold">Discover Subscription </b> If you want to start free, the Discover Subscription is right for you and this is what you're signed up for by default. With this subscription, you can still pip install on your laptop, an ec2 machine, or even a big server and all your development work will be free. You will only pay for on-demand production work (interactive, jobs, or predictive services) launched onto EC2 through our deployment module: <a href=""></a>

But, we start you out with 30h of production time on EC2 so you can still try out our deployment experience. So definitely check it out!

<b class="Bold">Develop Subscription</b> If you'd like some extra attention (responsive email support) and a reduced rate for those jobs launched to EC2, then the low-cost Develop Subscription is right for you.

<b class="Bold">Deploy Subscription</b> This is the subscription you should choose once you've deployed an application (data pipeline, batch job, or predictive service) built on GraphLab Create. This gives you production-grade support, unlimited production time on each server you have a license for and gives you the flexibility to elastically scale your production through EC2. This subscription also comes with 4 free develop subscriptions so this is an ideal package for a small team building and deploying predictive applications.

I hope that helps clarify! Please feel free to email us directly with any other questions on pricing: <a href=""></a>

Cheers and happy creating!


User 794 | 10/17/2014, 3:56:20 PM

@ShawnScully‌, to clarify, the discover subscription will still allow us to deploy jobs locally on our laptops or servers, correct?

User 91 | 10/17/2014, 6:14:12 PM


User 860 | 10/17/2014, 10:12:14 PM

Many thanks!