GraphLab Create toolkits code

User 768 | 9/25/2014, 9:48:36 AM

Hello everyone,

I was wondering wether the C++ code of the toolkits performing the actual work behind the GraphLab Create python API are available somewhere? For example is the supervised learning toolkit (and in particular the logistic regression implementation) also open source? Of course I have seen the <a href="">GraphLab repository on GitHub</a> but it seems that some of the methods implemented in GraphLab Create are not in the source.

Thanks, Arnaud


User 91 | 9/26/2014, 7:03:14 AM

Thanks for trying out GraphLab Create.

Currently, the source code is not open source. What aspects of the code are you interested in learning? We are more than happy to explain the inner workings.

Stay tuned for our up-coming release for more details.

User 768 | 9/28/2014, 2:20:43 PM

Hi srikris,

Thanks for your reply. I was just curious :) I currently am looking at different alternatives for efficient implementation of algorithms (both in term of development time and running time). In fact, I was interested in logistic regression since it seems GraphLab now supports optimisation/gradient descent like algorithms in addition to being able to do probabilistic inference at scale.

I look forward to seeing what will come in the future.