Have Cascading support GraphLab ?

User 678 | 9/5/2014, 9:23:22 AM

Hi all,

As title, I want to know that I can use GraphLab in Cascading framework or not ? If Yes, please you can give me some references.

Thank you, Dung.


User 6 | 9/16/2014, 1:19:11 PM

Hi Dung, So far we do not have Cascading support. Will be happy to hear some more about your use case and why you need Cascading.


User 678 | 9/17/2014, 2:33:18 AM

Hi Danny Bickson,

Thank you for your reply, Cascading is a good workflow solution, therefore I'd like to apply it to do something below:

unstructured data --> graph data --> Graphlab --> NoSQL (1) (2) (3)

With the support from Cascading, the flow above will be easy to implement. Do you have other solution for my workflow?

Thank you.

User 6 | 9/17/2014, 9:46:38 AM

Hi, In GraphLab Create you can prepare the data, run graph analytics and also dense machine learning methods. Finally you can save the models to store them. We support all of those workflow items in Graphlab Create. You should try it out!