User 637 | 9/2/2014, 6:48:02 PM


I need to run a BFS that would create a BFS tree (a data structure that contains the info of the predecessor of each vertex). From what I can see, a simple solution would be to modify and use SSSP with unit edge weights in the input graph. The question is, is there any faster way for doing it in GraphLab?


User 6 | 9/2/2014, 7:12:29 PM

Please take a look here: it is a user contributed code to PowerGraph that should do what you need. Let us know if it works for you.

User 637 | 9/12/2014, 7:45:34 PM

I did some digging, but the problem is that I'm still getting all these boost crazy compilation issues that I mentioned in the other thread (trying to fix them, but it's quite tricky).

Is there any code that does the above thing, but available in GL Create?


User 6 | 9/16/2014, 2:44:01 PM

Hi Mac, The boost issues should be not difficult to resolve, I just compiled the full powergraph on ubuntu 14.04 and it compiles fine.

I have added your path request to the GL Create wishlist, we will consider and if enough customers will ask for it we will do our best to add it.


User 3995 | 4/22/2016, 2:16:03 PM

Hi, Anyway to do this now, i.e using graphlab-sdk? I know we can use triple_apply/shortest path, but does there exist a faster way of doing this with graphlab-create?