saving :

User 125 | 8/15/2014, 8:06:17 PM

Allow choosing delimiters for file save


User 14 | 8/19/2014, 8:49:19 PM

Thanks for your request. Can you please tell us a bit more about your use case so we can better design the API? In principal the save API can grow as complicated as the read_csv where you can specify a ton of options. We are interested in what use case you have that requires this feature.


User 125 | 8/21/2014, 2:06:25 AM

Jay when I aggregate

sf = sf.groupby("productId",operations={'merchantName': agg.SELECTONE('merchantName'), 'productName': agg.SELECTONE('productName'), 'productUrl': agg.SELECTONE('productUrl'), 'productImage': agg.SELECTONE('productImage'), 'productPrice': agg.SELECTONE('productPrice'), 'productRetailPrice': agg.SELECTONE('productRetailPrice'), 'productBrand': agg.SELECTONE('productBrand'), 'productColor': agg.SELECTONE('productColor'), 'productSize': agg.CONCAT('productSize'), 'productCategory': agg.SELECTONE('productCategory'), 'Scrapped': agg.SELECTONE('Scrapped') })

the concat results in a list ["5.5","6.5"] which confuses the csv.reader down stream. It would be better if I could have a specific delimiter when saving the sframe.