Errors while using graph.load

User 47 | 3/4/2014, 8:55:45 PM


I am using graph.load function with a custom line parser for my own format. If file is large, I start getting segmentation faults. Even if the file size is small no vertices or edges are added to the graph and no iterations are run on it. I experienced the same issues with the label propagation app. My machine has 32 bit Ubuntu 13.04. I tried using same parser on another system (64 bit with more memory); I don't get any errors there. I didn't use to get such faults when I was using Graphlab 2.1 . Only when I upgraded to 2.2 I am having this problem. What could be the issue ?




User 20 | 3/4/2014, 9:01:30 PM


At some point (I don't recall when), we dropped support for 32 bit systems, and took the assumption that integers are 64-bit globally. That might be the cause of your problems.


User 47 | 3/4/2014, 9:10:42 PM

Thanks for clarifying. :)