newbie on ubuntu trying to install graphlab-create for python

User 383 | 6/20/2014, 9:03:33 PM

Hi. Thanks in advance for considering the question. I am on an old toshiba satellite A105 running Ubuntu, and i'm a near beginner (girl engineer) python user without much Unix experience. I'm trying to replicate a cool tutorial from Strata Santa Clara by Carlos Guestrin, where he demonstrates graphlab in manipulating movie data (a la Kevin Bacon Game). I've spent about four days on this. Gave up on my newer windows machine because that platform is not supported, so on Ubuntu here are my issues:

Since apt-get did not work for installing graphlab, I am stuck while trying to install. Pip worked to install graphlab-create but i can't see where it was installed, and I was unable to call it from ipython (and pip freeze doesn't show it as installed). I was able to clone graphlab from git, but i don't know which i need - graphlab, or graphlab-create, or both. Also i've never written or used a make file, so not sure how to get it to install in the right location (the git clone is in my Docs folder - ugh). Also not sure whether i should to specify the toolkits i want, or expect this machine can accomodate the complete build.

tl;dr - can i get graphlab for python using pip, or apt-get? if not, how do i get it?


User 383 | 6/20/2014, 9:17:21 PM

Sorry to bother. I figured it out. Graphlab Create requires 64bit and my unix machine has 32bit.

User 6 | 6/21/2014, 7:07:17 AM

Hi, My advice is to use Virtual Box on your newer Windows machine, download an ubuntu image and then install GraphLab Create there. GraphLab can run inside the Virtual Box on a Windows machine. Please verify you assign at least 2 cores for the Virtual Box configuration (the default is 1 core).

User 383 | 6/25/2014, 5:45:47 PM

Danny - Greetings again. Well, i say "newer" - but the windows machine was also 32 bit. So i went and bought a 64 bit machine and dedicated it to ubuntu/ipython/graphlab, and now it's all working great. I'm told I could have partitioned the new machine to have both windows and ubuntu OS installed side by side, but something about my newbie brain needed the simplicity of fewer choices. Thanks for replying... -Sharon