Integrating with Neo4j

User 382 | 6/20/2014, 5:00:37 PM

Hi I want to integrate my Neo4j graph database on Rails app with GraphLab. Is it possible to integrate GraphLab directly without explicitly taking out the database snapshots.

If not possible, then the concern is that Neo4j only allows database to be exported in 'graphml'(and also I guess 'geoff' format). So does GraphLab allows other formats apart from csv to be imported? (PS: I couldn't find one in the documentation)

Please help me out.



User 6 | 6/23/2014, 4:44:00 AM

Hi, It is not possible to connect directly, you will need to output the graph to file. We are considering adding better ODBC connectors as you can see here:

So far we do not support graphml or geoff formats.

User 1175 | 1/8/2015, 2:14:58 PM

Any chance there has been any development on this front?

We have a neo4j database in our application, and hope to integrate for graph analysis. We can set up a migration system, but it would need to be an ongoing process.

Any advice?

User 954 | 1/8/2015, 7:44:27 PM


GraphLab Create now supports reading data from a SQL database and storing it in an SFrame, as well as writing SFrames to the database. The database should have ODBC support. If Neo4j supports ODBC, you should be able to directly read data from Neo4j and populate it into an SFrame.

I hope it helps.