Unable to initalise SFrame on recurrent calls

User 3251 | 7/19/2016, 2:23:03 PM

Running the below code it hangs at the initialisation of SFrame, when run multiple times. It works sometimes on the first run but later hangs. The code sometimes hangs post 'Sgraph created' or after 'SFrame started'

from sframe import SGraph, SFrame
def graph_function_example():
	print 'Sframe started'
	edges = SFrame({'source': [1, 2, 3], 'dest': [3, 2, 1]})
	print 'Sframe created'
	g = SGraph()
	print 'Sgraph created'
	g = g.add_edges(edges, src_field='source', dst_field='dest')
	print 'Edges Added'

pip freeze awscli==1.6.2 backports-abc==0.4 backports.ssl-match-hostname== bcdoc==0.12.2 boto==2.33.0 botocore==0.73.0 certifi==2015.4.28 colorama==0.2.5 contextdecorator==0.10.0 decorator==4.0.9 docutils==0.12 jmespath==0.5.0 libfaketime==0.4.1 multipledispatch==0.4.8 prettytable==0.7.2 pyasn1==0.1.9 python-dateutil==2.5.3 requests==2.9.1 rsa==3.1.2 SFrame==2.0.1 singledispatch== six==1.10.0 tornado==4.3

requirements.txt pip==8.1.2 libfaketime==0.4.1 sframe==2.0.1

python version 2.7.11 OSX ver 10.11.5

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