MacOS Different Python/Jupyter installations

User 5388 | 7/18/2016, 11:27:42 AM


I'm running Mac 10.11.5 and installed graphlab via the launcher. Everything is working, but I think I lost track of my installed versions or I don't understand how it is installed. When I install the Dato launcher (2.2.3) on my machine, does it use my existing python interpreter or is the conda/jupyter setup standalone? Before I installed the Dato launcher I've been using Python 3 with IDLE.

What if I wanted to use jupyter with Python 3, do I need to install a separate version of jupyter? I find this all very confusing.

I also get error messages when I try to upgrade graphlab-create with pip install --upgrade graphlab-create, though it already worked that way.


User 2917 | 7/18/2016, 6:20:13 PM

Dato Launcher performs the following actions:

  1. Installs a copy of Anaconda for Python 2. However, if you have a copy of Anaconda installed already (including for Python 3), you may select and reuse it during installation instead.
  2. Creates a "conda environment" called gl-env or dato-env inside Anaconda, which is a self-contained Python 2.7 installation. This includes its own copy of Jupyter as well.
  3. Installs GraphLab Create inside of the conda environment.

It should not interfere with any existing Python and Jupyter installations you are using. If you want to install GraphLab Create in this way, I recommend you install the new GraphLab Create Launcher, which we created to coincide with our new company name:

If you want to install GraphLab Create with pip and you are receiving error messages, please provide more information about the commands you ran and the error messages.