Churn Prediction-Overview-Show User Segments Details

User 5384 | 7/16/2016, 1:34:29 PM

Hi, I think Selecting a segment to get more details about user segments doesn't work in 2.0.1 version. When I click on a segment to get more details, I get this error in browser console: widgets.webcomponents.js:94 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'toDate' of undefined(…) Can anyone tell me what is the problem?


User 4 | 7/17/2016, 1:30:37 AM

Hi @keyvan, this appears to be a dataset-dependent bug. However, I am unable to reproduce it on any synthetic datasets I have tried. I suspected that the issue might be a None value in the timestamp column; however, I can't even launch a Churn Prediction view using a timestamp column with any None values, so I don't get that far (I think this is expected, as every value must have a timestamp in order to do churn prediction).

Can you provide any properties of the dataset (that would allow me to construct one synthetically) or sample values that would trigger this bug? Thanks!