replacing missing values

User 5380 | 7/15/2016, 1:21:43 PM

I'm studying graphlab and having problem with a missing value replacement dataset i used has few columns and one of them has some missing values

here is what show() shows on this column

dtype: str numunique (est.): 5 numundefined: 0 frequent items: 0 1 2 4 ''

as you may noticed, the last one is missing value, so I tried to replace it with mean of this column

how do I remove this missing value in this case?

and i have tried fillna, but this missing value still there


User 5179 | 7/15/2016, 1:35:50 PM

Have you tried apply? ex: column.apply(lambda x: None if x == '..' else x) or apply(lambda x: valueyouwant if x == '' else x)