How to Input license information on Graphlab 2.0.1

User 5369 | 7/11/2016, 11:48:17 AM

I recently installed the python 3.5 beta graphlab 2.0.1 on one of my computers via pip install *.whl. It installed successfully, import graphlab works in jupyter notebook, which is a good sign. However when I tried making an SFrame, it said I have no license. Then it occurred to me, that the installation process never really asked me for anything about my license. I tried the following:

pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir

but it had an error: no module named config parser. I looked up this error and noticed it is a python 2.7 / python 3.5 issue.

Should I use a python 3.5-specific pip command to register my license? or can we not use SFrames or other graphlab functions on the python 3.5 beta?

Please advise


User 5371 | 7/11/2016, 9:10:21 PM


It seems like you are installing a 2.7 version of GLC inside a 3.5 Python environment. Do you mind uninstalling your GLC and then install from the link specified here?



User 5369 | 7/12/2016, 2:54:10 AM

Hey there,

I did that at the beginning. I used that link and installed via the .whl file. The problem was during installation it never asked me for my license information. And as a result, I couldn't use SFrame or anything, because it would always prompt me to get a license. I have a license, I just don't know how to input that information into the right place.

I hope this clears my question up,

Thanks again,


User 5371 | 7/13/2016, 3:21:47 PM

Hi Zac,

You may input your license in python and then do the following:

import graphlab as gl

You only need to set it once. The license information will be remember afterwards.