Kernel Not Working for Older Notebooks in Jupyter, Even After Conversion to V3

User 5364 | 7/9/2016, 1:37:42 PM

I'm cutting my teeth on Jupyter and would like to ask a question. When I try to open some notebooks I created several years ago I get a message saying the notebook is being converted from v2 to v3 and once saved it will be compatible with the new kernel, so I save it. But I continue to see a red box labeled "None not found" and when I click on it, I see the message "Failed to start the kernel. The 'None' kernel is not available. Please pick another suitable kernel instead or install that kernel". I am able to create New notebooks that apparently use "Python [Root]" as a kernel.

I should mention that I am using Anaconda3.

I found a doc page explaining how to install kernels and it occurred to me that maybe I need one of the older kernels to run the older notebook. So I ran this "conda create -n -ipykernel_py2 python-2 ipykernel" but got an error message complaining that the specified package was missing in the current win-64 channels. Can someone confirm for me that the solution is to install one of the older kernels?

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