GraphLab Scheduling of EC2 instances.

User 5158 | 7/2/2016, 11:42:02 AM

I am in the process of trying GraphLab Create - Canvas, and I was wondering if its possible to schedule amazon machines dynamically instead of (fixed number of machines) I know there are task scheduling available, but I would like to use a instance scheduler for Amazon instances(changing the number of available machines based on parameters such as runtime, cost(of machines), etc). If one does not exist how would I create one?

My second question, if I run GraphLab Create on Amazon Ec2 in a distributed mode, does GraphLab use Hadoop or does it have its own engine? Apologies for these type of questions as I'm fairly new to these type of technologies.

Any help is greatly appreciated,



User 16 | 7/3/2016, 4:01:50 AM

Sorry, we don't currently support spot instances.

When you use GraphLab Create on EC2 in distributed mode, we do ultimately use Hadoop, but we wrap it in our own runtime layer in order to make things a simple as possible for our users.