Graphlab-Create command line install fails with windows powershell

User 5330 | 6/26/2016, 4:50:45 PM

Posting this so hopefully others can avoid wasting time installing Graphlab-create from the command line on Windows 10.

Referring to these instructions:

Activating conda environments using windows PowerShell fails silently and causes errors later in the install process. Use regular windows shell ( cmd.exe ) instead to complete the graphlab-create command line install.

Step by step:

conda create -n dato-env python=2.7 anaconda succeeds fine.

but then

activate dato-env fails silently in windows powershell (the conda environment is not activated but there is no error message).

... and because my default conda root env is python 3 the rest of the installation of graphlab-create fails.

see: for more details.

Hope that helps. Alex


User 91 | 7/5/2016, 10:23:52 PM