Unable to read csv correctly

User 5285 | 6/13/2016, 7:24:17 AM

I want to read a csv file which looks like https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-qcQzUPds8eBPSu6Ns43Dabxx9qThNCwYRv6Yc4ZQns/edit?usp=sharing . I am unable to load it in sframe. If I use: columntypehints={"coordinates":list}, it splits the coordinates according to ",". Is there any way where I can read it correctly.


User 2123 | 6/13/2016, 7:47:35 PM

SFrame default delimiter is the comma and it has no way of knowing that the second column of your data has a list of items that include a comma not intended to be a delimiter. I suggest you specify a different delimiter that is not part of your data and try and load it that way. You would also have to modify the file to use that delimiter.