Switching to 3.4 after 3,5 was accidentally used

User 5279 | 6/12/2016, 1:08:17 AM

I am currently doing a Coursera course that uses this, but I only had Python 3.5 at the time of installation and set up. After realizing that 3.5 wasn't supported, I downloaded Python 3.4 for the first time, but I am unsure of how to switch to 3.4 for Jupyter now that they are both installed.


User 16 | 6/13/2016, 6:31:53 PM

I believe there is usually a drop down near the top right where you can select your python version. It's the same drop down you use to create a new notebook.

Also we do have beta support for Python3.5: https://dato.com/download/release-notes.html