How to load a SArray stored in local machine

User 5242 | 6/8/2016, 3:19:16 PM

After I saved a SArray on local by s = graphlab.SArray([1,2,3])"sarray")

And I see a local file named sarray. However when I try to load by sl = graphlab.SArray('sarray')

I get this error: RuntimeError: Runtime Exception. Archive does not contain an SArray

How to load an SArray then?


User 1178 | 6/9/2016, 5:00:49 PM

Hi Junhao,

I am not able to reproduce the issue that you have encountered.The saved location should be a directory instead of a file like this:

In [8]: ls sarray/
dir_archive.ini         m_f3b149b62681cfc.0000  m_f3b149b62681cfc.sidx  objects.bin

Is it possible you are using a very old version of GraphLab Create?