deploy powergraph in AWS EC@

User 5266 | 6/6/2016, 8:18:00 AM

I deploy Graphlab PowerGraphlab v2.2 in AWS EC2 cluster,but after I run the commmand "./gl-ec2 -i ~/.ssh/graphlab.pem -k graphlabkey -s 1 launch launchtest",the cluster doesn't start, and I got the following information and errors.

Setting up security groups... Checking for running cluster... Could not read Launching instances... ERROR:boto:400 Bad Request ERROR:boto:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Response><Errors><Error><Code>InvalidAMIID.Malformed</Code><Message>Invalid id:"std"(expecting "ami-...")</Message></Error></Errors><RequestID>e2913551-c22e-4027-823c-5ebffedeefa5</RequestID></Response> Could not find AMI std

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