GraphLab and Anaconda + Spyder

User 5261 | 6/5/2016, 11:33:53 AM

Hi All,

I have Anaconda and the related environments including Spyder on my computer. I have installed GraphLab and can work on it in the dato-env. Even more, dato-env/graphlab seems to corrupt my Spyder installation.

I have tried: 1. Just launching Spyder without dato-env - naturally does not find graphlab when I try to import it 2. Using pip to install Spyder to dato-env. When I do this it seems to "corrupt" my spyder installation so that spyder normally or in dato-env does not start anymore

Would you have faced similar problems and how to deal with those? I have Spyder 2.3.9 and GraphLab 1.10.

Thanks for the advice.


User 1178 | 6/6/2016, 10:28:09 PM

Hi Lari,

I personally do not use Spyder. A quick search in this forum and Google gives the following suggestions:

1. reset your Spyder from command line --
2. Install GraphLab-Create from inside Spyder -- Open Tools/Open a Terminal, and then do "pip install graphlab-create"

Can you try out and see if these methods work?