Taking forever to import graphlab (over 30 min and still not imported)

User 5242 | 6/4/2016, 4:17:11 AM

After simultaneously deploying 362880 LocalSync jobs on my local machine to do API calling in order to cashe data to MySQLdatabase, I can't import graphlab anymore, not due to error, but due to seemingly infinite loading time. I tried reinstall but it didn't solve the problem. Is there a way to delete all the jobs without importing graphlab?


User 91 | 6/4/2016, 5:44:51 AM

Its possible that something got stuck when running a local async job. Can you try moving the artifacts saved in the .graphlab folder somewhere else.

mv ~/.graphlab/artifacts ~/.graphlab/artifacts-bak

and then try reimporting graphlab.

User 5242 | 6/4/2016, 8:57:44 AM

Yes, that works! Thanks ;)