FYI: If you are using Anaconda and having problems with NumPy

User 5016 | 6/2/2016, 2:35:50 PM

Hello everyone,

I ran into an issue a few days ago and found out something that may be affecting many GraphLab users who use it with Anaconda on Windows. NumPy was unable to load, and consequently everything that requires it (Matplotlib etc).

It turns out that the current NumPy build (1.10.4) for Windows is problematic (more info here).

Possible workarounds are downgrading to build 1.10.1 or forcing an upgrade to 1.11.0 if your dependencies allow. Downgrading was easy for me using conda install numpy=1.10.1

Thanks for your attention!



User 2014 | 6/2/2016, 7:56:12 PM

Thanks Rafael! Awesome to know there is an issue. We'll look into our installer to make sure this is handled automatically.