Using mxnet on EC2

User 4582 | 5/29/2016, 9:39:52 AM

Every time I try import mxnet (from graphlab import mxnet as mx) I get the following:

2016-05-29 09:32:30,025 [WARNING] graphlab.mxnet.base, 44: Unable to load CUDA library. Error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 2016-05-29 09:32:30,027 [INFO] graphlab.mxnet.base, 45: MXNet requires CUDA Toolkit v7.0. Please make sure the proper CUDA toolkit and driver is installed and LDLIBRARYPATH is exported 2016-05-29 09:32:30,028 [INFO] graphlab.mxnet.base, 46: GPU support is disabled

I have tried it on multiple amis, mainly the Coursera one and installed CUDA by myself, a tensorflow ami and bitfution ami, both with cuda installed, and I installed graphlab and updated to gpu support.

What to do?

P.S I think that publish a comunity ami like the coursera with the gpu support will be usuful.


User 5159 | 5/30/2016, 1:57:49 AM

You need to set up CUDA environment correctly. Please install CUDA 7.0, and set correct LDLIBRARYPATH in the .bashrc file by following CUDA installation guide,