SFrame Issue with pycharm

User 5225 | 5/27/2016, 2:22:24 AM


I am new to Python (and to PyCharm) and I am just trying to recreate some of the exercise of Coursera class on Machine Learning on PyCharm (instead of Ipython notebooks).

I ran into a situation on Windows, where if I run the script in Pycharm (in Dato Env), the code freezes and sends a message as following:

Failed to send message: Context was terminated

I followed instruction that was part of discussion on here, about creating Python25 environment for using SFrame. The problem is can I import graphlab into it? (I used to use dato env for that). It seems to me I need two different environment to use both of those things (SFrame and GraphLab).

I apologize if I am missing a big picture here, I am quite new to Python and not too familiar with env facility. (I have been using MATLAB all throughout).

Thank you for your help.



User 5159 | 5/27/2016, 6:41:00 PM

Hi Kaushal Shah, I think Python25 environment is too old. Could you try newer environment?