How to save the resulting file Excel?

User 5193 | 5/24/2016, 1:08:34 AM

To save the results obtained through the recommendation algorithm should you use an Excel file which api?


User 5159 | 5/24/2016, 3:08:24 AM

You can export SFrame result into CSV ( then load in excel.

User 5193 | 5/26/2016, 8:27:56 AM

Are there examples you how to use 'graphlab.SFrame.export_csv' ? Refer to the attached file.

import graphlab from graphlab import Frame ..... model.recommend(users=[1111111]) ===> The result of 'model.recommend' save to export_csv.

graphlab.SFrame.export_csv(test, delimiter='csv')

TypeError : unbound method export_csv() must be called with SFrame instance as first argument (got NoneType instance instead)

User 5159 | 5/26/2016, 7:39:16 PM

export_csv should be called by the sframe object